(REVIEW) Victor, Vanquished, Son ~ Morgan Rice (Of Crowns and Glory #8)

Rating: 2 stars This was basically just a continuation of the eternal battle montage of the last installment. It was boring and lackluster with no sense of place, kind of like how Kingdom of Ash felt with all the many terrible battle sequences. It wasn’t even funny; it was just boring. The sequel series bait […]

(REVIEW) The Modern Faerie Tales ~ Holly Black (the omnibus edition)

Rating: 2 stars Yikes 😬 Sooo this changed a ton of stuff but not necessarily for the better. Most of it was kept the same, and the majority of the edits were made to either make the writing more politically correct (usually in a really awkward, Riverdale-esque way) or to connect this series with the […]

(REVIEW) Valiant ~ Holly Black (Modern Faerie Tales #2)

Rating: 2 stars “One fine day in the middle of the night […] two dead boys got up to fight. […] Back to back they faced each other, pulled out their swords and shot one another. The deaf cop on the beat heard the noise and came and shot the two dead boys.” So this […]

(REVIEW) Monstrous Creatures ~ Aaron Mahnke (The World of Lore #1)

Rating: 2 stars I’ve literally been putting this off for over a year. I got this on audio around the end of September of 2018, intending on reading it for Halloween that year, but then life declared that it had other plans and it got swept under the rug. Ultimately, I forgot about it, so […]

(REVIEW) City of Bones: Graphic Novel Issue #1 ~ Mike Raicht

Rating: 2 stars I was intrigued by this failed first attempt at a comic adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones, but it wasn’t available anywhere online, seemingly having been purged from the internet. But I managed to find a copy of all the released issues. I didn’t expect it to be good, but I […]

(REVIEW) American Vampire, Vol. 1 ~ Scott Snyder & Stephen King

Rating: 2 stars I haven’t been living under a rock. I know that the names Scott Snyder and Stephen King are enough to make random people turn their heads when they overhear you in a supermarket. So I figured, why not tackle both names at once? Why not read a comic they wrote together? And […]

(REVIEW) Blackbird, Vol. 1 ~ Sam Humphries

Rating: 2 stars Well that sucked. The Art The art was good…sometimes. Usually, it was painfully awkward and had that certain quality so common in Western comics and graphic novels: what I call “rushed by a deft hand.” The artist was good, undeniably so, but they were also very clearly rushed, or just didn’t care […]

(REVIEW) When I Arrived at the Castle ~ Emily Carroll

Rating: 2/5 stars I’m really disappointed. Emily Carroll is one of my favorite comic artists and horror authors, but this was just way too confusing. I usually don’t mind twisty stuff, but I’m honestly not sure what this was even about. From start to finish, this relied solely on the self-indulgent aesthetic of ~spooky women~ […]

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