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Rating: 2 stars

This was basically just a continuation of the eternal battle montage of the last installment. It was boring and lackluster with no sense of place, kind of like how Kingdom of Ash felt with all the many terrible battle sequences. It wasn’t even funny; it was just boring.

The sequel series bait in the epilogue seems to be just a cheap excuse for not tying the loose ends by the end. I appreciate that things are left to implication in some cases but this was so rushed that nothing felt resolved whatsoever. And who knows if there will even be a sequel series!

And I’m still low-key pissed that Jeva straight up replaced Felene as Thanos’ warrior woman friend. She’s a fine character in her own right but Felene was an absolute icon and the fact that she, being the only LGBTQ+ rep in the entire series, was written out of the story for no good reason makes my blood boil.

I did like Athena’s final chapter though. Got me in a way that only the king did before. Maybe I just like the jaded old people at their end because I, too, am a jaded old person awaiting death and recounting my past mistakes. Like reading this series, for instance.

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