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Rating: 3 stars

I usually find the penultimate installment in a series, be it a movie, book, or television show, to be my favorite. If I’m enjoying the direction the plot is taking, that second to last one is usually the best. But not with this series.

It wasn’t as bad as the last one but weirdly… empty? Considering how much technically happened, the pacing made it feel like nothing happened whatsoever. I was super bored all throughout. Also I’m sad and frankly a little upset that Felene wasn’t even mentioned. Like??? Not even Thanos remarked on her! Smh

But I did zoom through it. I didn’t even realize that I read it in one sitting until I looked at the clock and 3 hours had passed and I was done with the book. And I will admit that there were some interesting developments. I like the stuff with the queen and as usual, Stephania never fails to entertain. The sorcerer dude annoyed me at first but now I’m intrigued where his plot is going. I just wish it had been established earlier in the series for cohesion’s sake.

Considering the fact that this series should have ended like 3 books ago, we’ll have to see how the next and final book plays out.

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