(REVIEW) The Raven King ~ Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Cycle #4)

Rating: 3 stars I really couldn’t figure out how to rate this after I finished. I mean, I enjoyed it. I liked it enough. But I think, on the whole, it was more of a disappointment than anything else. It was repetitive? Overly dramatic? A little flowery at times? The plot felt like a nonentity […]

(REVIEW) Requiem ~ Lauren Oliver (Delirium #3)

Rating: 3 stars I finally finished the series, but it doesn’t feel like it’s over? I originally rated this 4 stars, but in retrospect, I feel more confusion and disappointment than anything else. If I were to rate on the writing style alone, I’d rate 5 stars for sure. Lauren Oliver has a way with […]

(REVIEW) Binti ~ Nnedi Okorafor (Binti #1)

Rating: 3 stars Buddy read with Nana This gave me flashbacks to a college class I took in high school about popular literature, where the focus of that quarter was science fiction. There was an unexpected emphasis on afrofuturism and I feel like my hippie teacher would have loved Binti. I didn’t really love it […]

(REVIEW) Ruler, Rival, Exile ~ Morgan Rice (Of Crowns and Glory #7)

Rating: 3 stars I usually find the penultimate installment in a series, be it a movie, book, or television show, to be my favorite. If I’m enjoying the direction the plot is taking, that second to last one is usually the best. But not with this series. It wasn’t as bad as the last one […]

(REVIEW) Ironside ~ Holly Black (Modern Faerie Tales #3)

Rating: 3 stars This was both better and way way way worse than the first book. I won’t even compare it to the second (yikes) As usual, the pacing was atrocious, with hardly any coherent transitions at all; a lot of the story was just left for me to figure out on my own, I […]

(REVIEW) Hero, Traitor, Daughter ~ Morgan Rice (Of Crowns and Glory #6)

I just want to know why her skin is purple. Is she Thanos?? What the heck? Rating: 3 stars “I love you,” he said.”I love you too, Thanos,” Ceres said. “But can’t this wait until we’re clear?”Me at all YA sci-fi / fantasy love plots I’m honestly just getting tired of this series. When it […]

(REVIEW) Soldier, Brother, Sorcerer ~ Morgan Rice (Of Crowns and Glory #5)

Rating: 3 stars Definitely a downgrade from the last book. It started out really strong, and a select few storylines were pretty solid all throughout, but towards the end, I started to feel that it wasn’t really going anywhere. It felt like half a story and I was left disappointed, expecting more. I also wasn’t […]

(REVIEW) Tithe ~ Holly Black (Modern Faerie Tales #1)

Rating: 3 stars I wasn’t originally planning on rating this, since I was reading off the omnibus edition released somewhat recently. But oh my goodness, that version changed so much! I’ll go more into that when I review the edition as a whole, but suffice it to say that there was some serious editing that […]

(REVIEW) Mockingjay ~ Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games #3)

Rating: 3 stars This final installment had the same issue as Catching Fire; it felt like two separate books stitched together, only with less reason. There was an obnoxiously clear divide between the first and second main story sections. It almost makes me think splitting the movies had some degree of merit, but it did […]

(REVIEW) The Night of Knives ~ V.E. Schwab (Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince Vol. 2)

Rating: 3 stars Better than the first one but also way worse. I liked some aspects but found them to be rushed and undeveloped. The trials themselves ended too quickly for any satisfying resolution and the main conflict came a little out of nowhere. The big plot twist was obvious from the start to anyone […]

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