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Rating: 4 stars

It was so impossible to live life backward.

Not really sure how I feel but I guess I liked it?

This was good, just about as good as the last two (though the first was undoubtedly the best so far). The plots in these books are usually not the best, and this wasn’t an exception, with a whole lot of time jumps, unresolved situations, and sort of random happenings that felt disjointed from everything that came before or after it. I didn’t really mind all that much though, because things were so strange but strangely enchanting and I couldn’t help but be drawn in. If I were to spell out everything I noticed in this book, it would sound like I didn’t like it, but I did. I enjoy reading about these characters enough to get through the confusing world and plot, which a lot of books can’t always say.

Though, for some reason, this one felt a little more Holly Black-ish than Stiefvater usually is. Honestly, if some faerie prince showed up, it wouldn’t have been particularly out of place, especially considering how soft the magic system is. Mostly it was the crazy lady, I think, that made things feel like an edgy fairy story.

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