Rating: 2/5 stars

I’m really disappointed. Emily Carroll is one of my favorite comic artists and horror authors, but this was just way too confusing. I usually don’t mind twisty stuff, but I’m honestly not sure what this was even about. From start to finish, this relied solely on the self-indulgent aesthetic of ~spooky women~ to drive the narrative. I need more than pretty pictures to enjoy a story.

I just don’t get why this got a print release when it makes absolutely no sense and many of Carroll’s other work both look better and actually have a point.

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  1. I think the point is to leave you somewhat confused, as it’s mysterious. I did feel confused, even once finishing the story, but overall, I think the open-ended ending is satisfying, oddly. It makes me think that the countess, or some form of her, will never die, and the story will continue on and on.

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