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Rating: 2 stars

Yikes 😬

Sooo this changed a ton of stuff but not necessarily for the better. Most of it was kept the same, and the majority of the edits were made to either make the writing more politically correct (usually in a really awkward, Riverdale-esque way) or to connect this series with the Folk of the Air trilogy by spewing “the High Court” every chance it could.

Thanks, I hate it.

I wouldn’t mind it if it was stated that there would be significant changes made. A notice in the beginning, at least, would have been nice. The plots were ultimately the same (still horrible) but Corny was rewritten to be flip-floppy (making his character arc throughout the series make even less sense) and everyone else was made into a “nicer” person, sometimes changing plot points to make it happen. And then there were the random little edits, like cutting part of a sentence even though the original was fine, or adding something that didn’t necessarily need to be added, especially considering the books have been out for over a decade. And if Black wanted to blot out her past indiscretions, then why was Valiant left largely untouched while Tithe and Ironside got so many random changes? Valiant was the biggest oof of them all! It was all basically just censorship for no reason.

If I had to choose between this edited version and the original, I’d honestly go with the original, which is saying a lot, because the original was pretty bad. This version just felt like painting over a moldy wall and expecting it to work out in the end.

Also omg the Lutie-loo story at the end was atrocious! I skimmed most of it because I was bored out of my mind, but what I did analyze was so ????? what???????? Most of it was clearly there to make you want to read The Cruel Prince or make you happy if you have already read The Cruel Prince. I haven’t read it but I wanted to and this awkward teaser for it only made me never want to read anything by Holly Black ever again.

~yikes & oof~

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