Rating: 2 stars

Well that sucked.

The Art

The art was good…sometimes. Usually, it was painfully awkward and had that certain quality so common in Western comics and graphic novels: what I call “rushed by a deft hand.” The artist was good, undeniably so, but they were also very clearly rushed, or just didn’t care about their art enough to make it look any good.

The spectacle shots were all beautiful but the regular panels and character designs looked just really strange, at least in my opinion. Facial expressions didn’t match logical emotions for the scene, physical stances often looked uncomfortable, and character designs themselves didn’t really give any insight into the characters themselves (which was weird because clothing choice was kind of a theme in this). Essentially, think bad animation from the 90s, but with a 2020 makeover.

Pretty color palette, though. I’ll give ’em that.

The Story

I don’t know what I expected when I heard “neo-noir fantasy,” but whatever it was, this wasn’t it. I guess its comparison to Riverdale is accurate though, because this was flashy, overly dramatic, and made absolutely no sense.

The world could have been really cool, but instead it was generic. There were some really cool elements, but they were mostly background and when they did come into play, I had literally no idea what was happening. The magic system was very poorly explained.

The entire conflict of the story was so beyond convoluted, and so drenched in spoilers that I can’t even complain about what I hated without telling you the entire plot. So I’ll just give you this gif to explain the plot:

The MC is the dumbest Mary Sue I’ve ever encountered. She hears a lot of evidence that the people she trusts are actually 1) not who she thinks they are, 2) lying about everything, and 3) not looking out for her best interests. And yet she still trusts them?? And forgets about all the information she knows about them because ~their aura was telling the truth~? And to make it worse, she knows that her spooky cat only speaks in lies and then when it’s telling her that she failed, she gets all angry?? He’s saying you succeeded, you idiot! But the thing is, she did fail so I really don’t get any of it.

The writing was also really cringey. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually written by an AI that was fed only Wattpad stories and then edited by a sleep-deprived human. It was all around not good.

Also, would a logical transition kill you, Sam Humphries? Because scenes changed like that *snaps* and I never knew where I was, how much time had passed, and what was going on.

TL;DR & Conclusion

This had the potential to be really good but instead it’s just…really not. If it wasn’t for the insufferable MC and the mediocre art and the dreadful plot and generic yet confusing world, I might have liked it. But I didn’t. I will not be continuing this series.

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