Rating: 3 stars

I honestly don’t have a lot of thoughts on this, other than that it went on for too long and repeated plot points far too often. I enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed all the previous books in this series, in that it was entirely forgettable but I had a decently entertaining time reading it. As a whole, this series feels more on par with 2014 YA fantasy instead of 2016-2018 YA fantasy, where, in my opinion, the genre really took off. A prime example of how uninteresting this was to me is that I accidentally maxed out my audiobook check out from the library so I had to put it on hold again and wait for it to come back almost 2 months later. And in the time between, I didn’t think about this book once.

The only thing that was particularly noteworthy was that all the love interests in this series are extremely toxic and I don’t really like the message it’s trying to convey. Jacks is toxic for obvious reasons, though he was definitely my favorite character (he just has a nice aesthetic, okay?) and Legend/Dante is toxic because of obvious reasons as well. The same reasons as Jacks, in fact, and anyone who disagrees can fight me.

If/when Stephanie Garber releases anything new, I hope it’s thought out more and perhaps better executed, but I probably won’t read it regardless. I’m glad she got published, because I’m sure it was an amazing experience for her, but her writing isn’t really traditional publishing quality in my opinion.

Also, the pre-release synopsis really emphasized the whole Bachelorette thing with Scarlett but that lasted like 2 seconds.

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