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Rating: 5 stars


Buddy read with my brother (we’re really on a buddy read roll in quarantine lol helps that we have to spend every waking moment together)

He was here to solve a puzzle in some ways, but he felt as if it were beginning to solve him instead.

Sooooo I liked this. I’ve been having an incredibly difficult time finding the words to express my enjoyment of this novel. I liked it all. Even when the pacing dragged a little, something always came of it, always proved that it was a necessary detail. And the ending! THE ENDING!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Ok, I need to be more structured than just aimless shouting. I shall make the attempt.

I liked the characters. None of them were what I’d been expecting, and they all went to places I’d never anticipated. Looking at you, in particular, Whitby 👀👀

Control had a silly nickname but it was consistent enough and commented on enough to make it feel more real and believable. As a guy, it took me a second for him to warm up to me, but honestly, once he pet his cat, I was sold. It’s the little things, ya know. And his dry humor was absolutely on point!

Ghost Bird was intriguing and I’m very excited to explore her more in the finale.

As for the plot, again, it slightly dragged sometimes, but not in a ridiculously boring way. It was all necessary mundane set up for the truly horrific reveals at the end. If it hadn’t been crafted like that, it wouldn’t have had the same effect. And I just love how VanderMeer really makes me try to puzzle out what’s going on at the deeper level. It’s a more active reading experience and I generally expect that from adult books of this genre but find that they sometimes don’t deliver, so to get it so wonderfully done is really nice.

So yeah. Ramble review has been written. I liked the book.

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