Rating: 5 stars

So I’m shook but I’ll live. Honestly, this series went from junk food to a tasty snack so insidiously that I’m left here reeling. Besides some repetitive set pieces and the usual level of iffy editing, this was kind of amazing.

The characters really shone in this. Like, even the ones who were high-key caricatures before were actually solidly built, layered individuals. THE KING!!!!!!!! Lucious!! Stephania’s continued character arc (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse)!! And the new character Felene was honestly an icon. She could stab me and I’d thank her for it.

To use the favorite word of the annoying kid in my 4th grade class: I’m flabbergasted. This is only book 4 out of 8. What insanity awaits me? Whatever it is, I’m ready.

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