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Rating: 4 stars

Does this deserve 4 stars? Definitely not! But I’ve been an angry reader the past few months during my slump and I wanna be a happy reader again. If Air Awakens can get 4 stars from me, so can Morgan Rice lol

This felt like a huge improvement from the first book, but given how the first was strangely good but also really really bad, that doesn’t mean too much. It’s still hokey and silly and a bit nonsensical, but enjoyably so, with enough merit that you can sort of look passed those things. I really enjoyed the expansion of the world and lore, the more in-depth look at the characters through more points of view, and the significantly better pacing. The action was entertaining and the monologues were sometimes a little profound. It really kind of surprised me.

Thanos was still my favorite character, despite some stupid stuff towards the end. I really liked where Ceres ends up, actually doing stuff and making real decisions based on logic and not just base instinct. Her father was a fan favorite for sure, kinda coming out of nowhere but being so darn fatherly, you can’t not like the guy. While I expected more of her brother throughout, I appreciated what I got of him, as well as Anka who I thought would be just a random thing from SWQ. Stephania and Lucious got perspectives too, which was interesting, however cartoonishly evil they were. Eoin, who didn’t get a POV (but did get a random love interest hinting, which came out of nowhere because the tension was negative degrees but okay) He was a great character though and I thought the curse he was under was really cool.

All in all, I had a good time, even a little unironically.

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